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About Me

Narelle Bernadette

has recently moved to her new beautiful home.
“The Desert Rose”. 

The Guesthouse of Natural health, wellbeing and yoga / Meditation Shala.  Located in the Beautiful province of Essaouira Morocco.

 Narelle Bernadette has lived in many beautiful cities in Queensland, Australia and Gisborne, New Zealand, where she ran a full time Japanese Acupuncture/Massage/Herbal medicine clinic; Treating babies, children, teenagers and adults from all walks of life. 

She has been in the Healing Arts for 40 years, treating and teaching in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Europe, Bali, India and Sri Lanka.

 Her passion for helping people started at the age of 16, when she became a vegetarian and then went on to study naturopathy. 

La Comida Vegetarian Mexican restaurant. Located in the sunny coastal town of Caloundra, Queensland. 

This was her first experience in feeding people beautiful simple food in the 70’s. She opened up SUNFLOWER NIBBLES, vegetarian restaurant in Noosa junction in the late 70’s…produce supplied by local organic growers. 

Narelle Bernadette taught Kinesiology and massage in the 80’s and applied her knowledge of good health as a Mother in her 30’s raising 5 children.

 She studied Acupuncture in her early 30’s, then went to China to work in a Red Cross Hospital as a Post Grad course.  She then extended her knowledge by studying Japanese acupuncture and traveling back and forth from Japan. 

Narelle Bernadette opened up her own Australian College of Applied Feng Shui/Oriental medicine with Post Graduate study in Shanghai, China in a small hospital in the Zaibai district.

 Narelle Bernadette loves to teach people how to look after themselves with classes on the theory of the Energetics of food and the practical application of cooking according to the 5 elements.  

 Classes on Meridian Therapy and Moxibustion also Face Reading classes which deepens peoples understanding of themselves and their business practises, their family and all their gifts/talents and potentials.  As well as awareness of their health strengths and weaknesses.

 She also does amazing Facial treatments to calm the spirit and revitalise all the meridians. 

Now she is an author of The Elegance of Elements- A Vegeterian Cookbook published by Balboa press, which is available, through Amazon, here.

Narelle Bernadette White

Founder of „Desert Rose“